1,Our product range.

We offer you a wide spectrum of colourful flowers and bouquets

  • original plants and plant-decorations which are presented in adapted pottery, glass and ceramics
  • floral creations
  • refined arrangements for wedding
  • modern concepts for funeral
  • trendy decorations


VERVAENE also offers floral subscriptons for all occasions and flower vouchers.


There are also the selected perfume diffusers of Millefiori Milano, the nice fragrant candles of Marianne Geudin Paris and the trendy Danish candles of Ester & Eric.


2. Our services.

To create atmosphere … as well for the private customers as for the companies. On the occasion of a birthday, a gratitude, a baby birth, a wedding, an illness, a retirement, a funeral … For each event we have an adapted arrangement.

We are at your service for more information.

Thanks to our delivery service all your orders will be delivered on time. We take care of the demands in Rhode-Saint-Genèse and surroundings ourselves. Orders in the other parts of Belgium and the world are transmitted to our FLEUROP-INTERFLORA colleagues.


3. What's new.

The lovely round biedermeier bouquets are placed in a nice looking transport box. Advantages : the flowers are in the water with the right dose of flower nutrition and can be transported in a stable way. Once delivered, customer do not have to look for a vase, the presentation looks very attractive and is brought to its value in the house, at the reception desk or in the hospital room …


4. Contact and opening hours.

Orders can be picked up in our shop

A.L. Florist Vervaene, 56 Avenue de la Forêt de Soignes, 1640 Rhode-Saint-Genèse

Phone : + 32 2 380 27 82

Fax : + 32 2 380 84 32 

E-mail : info@vervaene.be - Andere website : www.vervaene.be

Opening hours : 

- From Tuesday to Thursday: 09:00  to 19:00 

- Friday and Saturday : 09:00  to 19:30 

- Sunday and legal holidays : 09:00  to 16:00 

Closed on Mondays

Always at your service

Anne en Luc VERVAENE